Self-Dumping Hoppers

Heavy Duty Self-Dumping Forklift Hoppers

Self-Dumping Forklift Hoppers are made of durable high strength steel. Self-dumping hoppers are designed for industrial, commercial and institutional applications and are particularly useful for scrap material handling, materials recycling and other rugged applications. Hoppers are balanced to tilt forward when full, empty contents, and automatically return to upright, locked position for reloading. Marathon’s Heavy Duty Self Dumping Forklift Hoppers utilizes structural angles, channels and a one piece rocker system to provide a stronger more durable hopper. Available in 10 standard heavy-duty models, ½ thru 5 cubic yard capacities Options include casters, lids, special paint, and more.

self-dumping hopper lid open self-dumping hopper side view self-dumping hopper lid down self-dumping hopper side view lid open