Self-dumping Lift Truck Hoppers

Marathon hoppers provide an efficient one person operation for all handling all types of bulk materials. Designed for endurance, Marathon utilizes structural angles, channels and a one peice rocker system to provide a stronger more durable hopper. Available in 10 standard heavy-duty models, 1/4thru 5 cu. yd. capacities Options include casters, lids, special paint, and more.

Crane-Dumping Buckets

Marathon crane-dumping buckets are handeled with overhead cranes in mills, founderies, machine shops, construction and steel plants. The design permits easy dumping by throwing a lever. After the load is dumped, the bucket returns to the upright position. Four standard sizes include 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, and 2cu.yd. capacity. Options such as lanyard release and casters are