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We offer the toughest self-dumping hoppers around!

Marathon hoppers provides an efficient, one person operation for handling all types of bulk materials. Designed for endurance, Marathon utilizes structural angles, channels and a one piece rocker system to provide a stronger more durable hopper. available in 10 standard heavy duty models, 1/4 thru 5cu. yd. capacities . Options include casters, lids, special paint and more!

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Typical applications include:

Metal chips Castings Scrap rubber
Coal Plastic parts Metal stampings
Cement Turnings

Semi-finishes bolts

Sand Forgings Glass cullet
Sulphur Sawdust Scrap iron
Wood pulp Gravel Metal fasteners
Raw plastic Alloy briquettes  
Wire scrap Rubber parts  
Trash Scrap leather  
Fertilizer Salt  
Tile Chemicals  
Lime Ores  
Bones Gravel  
Hides Pigments  
Brick Rags  
Sugar Cinders